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Wrongful Termination as a Result of Refusing Your Harasser

Aggressive Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Holding Employers Accountable for Wrongful Terminations

Refusing a workplace harasser should not lead to getting fired

The workplace is a space where we expect to be treated fairly, based on our merits and work ethic. Unfortunately, many people work in an environment where they are constantly harassed and made to feel uncomfortable. When they refuse these advances or try to seek protection, their employers retaliate through decreased pay, demotions, or termination of employment. If your employer terminated you after refusing sexual advancements, call the seasoned Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys of Taylor & Ring to discuss the details of your case.

What is considered sexual harassment in the workplace?

State and federal law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) includes the following behaviors in its definition of sexual harassment:

  • A hostile work environment. This applies to a large culture of sexual harassment within a workplace.
  • Unwelcome sexual advancements. These may come from coworkers or supervisors. While a single advance may not necessarily rise to the level of harassment, multiple advancements generally indicate a problem.
  • Quid pro quo. This often takes the form of a supervisor requesting a sexual favor in exchange for a benefit of some kind, such as a raise or promotion.
  • Sexual extortion. A supervisor threatens to fire an employee if sexual acts are not performed.

Knowledgeable Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers assist workers in documenting and recognizing acts of harassment within the workplace. Employers have a duty to reasonably prevent sexual harassment and to resolve issues when they come to light. If an employer fails to meet these duties, there may be liability for resulting injuries.

Understanding wrongful termination claims

Sexual harassment claims begin with an official EEOC complaint. The federal government considers it a right of every individual to seek this protection. Therefore, laws prohibit employers from retaliating against workers who refuse sexual advancements or assert a sexual harassment claim. When an employer terminates a worker based on allegations of sexual harassment, it is a wrongful termination and that employer may be liable for financial damages. In addition, the EEOC can punish acts of retaliation through preliminary prevention or financial compensation.

At Taylor & Ring, our attorneys diligently work to hold employers accountable for retaliation and wrongful termination. This may entail an EEOC complaint and/or a lawsuit within a court of law. Our experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys have handled cases involving sexual harassment for numerous clients. We understand what is needed to successfully assert your rights and secure compensation.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer

If you have been fired because of refusing or reporting sexual advances in the workplace, trust your case to a law firm with a proven track record of successful outcomes. At Taylor & Ring, we always put the client first. Our lawyers diligently work to secure adequate compensation for the financial and emotional injuries caused by an employer. Call our Los Angeles office today at 310-209-4100 or complete our contact form to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

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