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Is It Time to Update Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Under state law, all California companies with five or more employees must provide sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all employees, both supervisory and non-supervisory. Before 2019, training was only required for companies with 50 or more employees, so this is a welcome expansion. However, some people are asking, especially in the wake…

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LGBTQ Troops More Likely to Experience Sexual Assault, According to Study

A recent report from the RAND Corporation found that sexual assaults on non-heterosexual service members comprise nearly half of all military assaults. Because most research only focuses on the dangers and risks women face in the military, this study shines a light on another vulnerable population, as well as points to areas needing further examination…

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What Is Considered “Inappropriate Touching” at Work?

A common form of workplace harassment is inappropriate touching. It is a traumatic experience that often leaves employees not wanting to return to work, not wanting to perform their duties, and causes them to suffer emotional stress. The workplace should be an environment free of harassment at all times. However, there are people who abuse…

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Garcetti Advisor Rick Jacobs Named in Second Harassment Accusation

Back in July, an officer from the Los Angeles Police Department filed a lawsuit against the city, accusing Mayor Eric Garcetti’s close advisor Rick Jacobs of sexually harassing him over a period of several years. The officer, Matthew Garza, was assigned to Garcetti’s security detail in 2013 and, according to his complaint, became a target…

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Sexual Harassment at Work: What to Do if Your Harasser Is Your Ex

Many companies have a non-fraternization policy among coworkers. Part of the policy is intended to keep employees focused on work. If you’re not wasting company time getting sidetracked with business hour flirtations and long lunches, more gets done and more money gets made. Another reason has to do with romantic relationships between employees that sour…

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The Ellen Show Plagued by Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Dozens of past employees of The Ellen Show have claimed that they were the victims of sexual harassment and other types of sexual misconduct by certain top-tier producers of the show. In the aftermath of these allegations, the show’s parent company – WarnerMedia – carried out an investigation. Subsequently, on August 17 three of the…

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To Stem the Tide of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, We Need Consequences

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently established new guidelines for monitoring complaints involving sexual harassment responsible by scientists who financially support the agency. The guidelines, issued in June 2020, cover the actions the agency must take when it becomes aware of allegations of sexual misconduct. These include preventing the issuance of pending grants,…

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New Accusations of Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Gaming Industry

The industry known as “e-sports” has grown exponentially over the last decade. This form of sports entertainment involves professional gamers who play a wide variety of video games on various platforms, all under the structure of organized competition. These competitive events and tournaments are highly publicized and heavily attended. Millions around the world watch these…

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